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There are billions of dollars’ worth of outstanding, distressed mortgage debt in the U.S.  Banks typically write these non-performing assets off as toxic and sell them to investment groups. WHY?…. Because the bank doesn’t want to be in the real estate business and, quite frankly, they are not that effective in working out favorable terms for the borrower.  Their sole focus is on the lending.

Note Investing Made Easier provides 'HANDS ON' training to investors who wish to buy these distressed assets and create profit from them.  The Author of the #1 Best Selling Book 'Note Investing Made Easier,' Martin Saenz, has been buying mortgage notes across the country since 2013 and provides all the resources and systems needed to help average investors bypass costly learning curves as they start their note investing careers.

    We teach average investors:

    • Learn how and where to purchase distressed mortgage notes at wholesale pricing
    • Make your money up-front: when you buy the notes
    • Create a team of peers and vendors to support your success
    • Turn a non-performing note into a profit machine
    • Manage your portfolio for maximum success

    If you have ever considered investing in distressed mortgages but were put off by the steep learning curve, our program is for you!


    The workshop was amazing, thank you for all the effort that you've put into it, and for having these private sessions with me!

    Stas B.

    We wanted to Thank you for such an Awesome Training on Mortgage Notes!  Elijah and I learned so much from you! Your training was very organized and thorough!

    We appreciate how you stressed the importance of being organized and having a system!  We can't Thank You enough! We loved all the pertinent information that you provided and we can't wait to get started!

    We wish you all the Best!

    Cheryl and Elijah

    I really enjoyed the training.  I appreciate your approach in regards to discussing the mechanics of how everything works in the note world.

    Tom S.

    I read a few books before attending the workshop and felt I had a good handle on note investing.  The workshop brought my understanding to a new level and felt I got all a strong foundation by which to start investing.  Thank you Martin for helping me get set up and ready to go.

    Alan M.

    Martin's workshop has made a significant difference to my business. He took me from 0 to 60 in a couple of days.  And now I am ready and have all the tools I need to succeed.  He is also  pleasure to work with.  He's sincere, honest and he knows his stuff.  

    Seraj S.

    Martin Saenz manages approximately 20 notes for me.  He goes out of his way to maximize my value from helping with selection, to assisting with Mortgage Refinances, to assisting with Deed in Lieu and even assisting with house take backs and flips.  I have known Martin and have done business at various levels with him for over 10 years and cannot praise him enough for his dedication, honesty, and integrity.  I think so much of him that I am writing this testimonial on 4/9/16 and I am a CPA in the full thrust of tax season.  I am very glad that I met Martin and will continue to do future dealings with him.

    Jason S.

    What is Note Investing and how can it create FREEDOM OF TIME in your life?

    Recent Attendee of the Note Investing Made Easier Workshop