We Provide training to investors who wish to buy distressed Mortgage notes and profit from them.

Seraj Saba discusses his experience with Note Investing Made Easier

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INTRODUCTION - Fundamentals and Case Studies

This course represents the first few modules of Martin’s 16-module, $695 online course, including:

  • Getting Started
  • Building Your Profile
  • Meeting Note Sellers Through Social Media and Conferences
  • Creating Your Massive Action Plan (MAP)
  • Let's Look At A Deal

You will also receive over an hour of video content where Martin describes notes he's purchased in Dayton, Ohio, Palm Bay, Florida, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Euclid, Ohio, and Pompano Beach, Florida

This Online Education Course is provided through an online platform. Martin thoroughly explains his meticulous, systematic approach to this unique marketplace and explains how anyone can:

How to Buy and Profit from Distressed Mortgages - Online Education Workshop

  • Learn how and where to purchase distressed mortgage notes
  • Make your money up-front: when you buy the notes
  • Create a team of peers and vendors to support your success
  • Turn a non-performing note into a profit machine
  • Manage your portfolio for maximum success
  • Partner to profit without getting your hands dirty

2 Day LIVE One-on-One Online Workshop - Customized to fit your Goals and Objectives

Note Investing Fundamentals LIVE One-on-One Workshop

Receive a LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE One-on-One 2-Day Workshop with Martin Saenz.  During this workshop, he will cover your goals and aspirations while providing a comprehensive workshop on note sourcing, due diligence, borrower resolution, and portfolio management.  This dedicated one-on-one workshop includes the Resource Library.

Within 24 hours, someone will send you an email with the Forms Library and instructions to get set up for the workshop.

$3,495 to Attend

Save time and money generating your own Forms Library !

Resource Library

Having a Resource Library is a Key Success Factor to being a profitable note investor.  You can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating one OR you can take advantage of one that is already built.

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive the Resource Library through email.

Buy Now for $895

Note Investing Training.jpg

The 6-Month Mentor-Protege program is a dedicated One-on-One program with Martin Saenz whereby he spends time with you weekly and helps you in every single facet of the industry.  This opportunity is only offered to those who have taken the workshop.

Availability is limited. 

Email to Martin@2CFNow.com for more information.




Martin Saenz is a thought leader in the secondary note space. He is a clear thinker. Don’t take it for me, get his book on Amazon, Note Investing Made Easy. You will learn a lot! Easy may be a bit of a stretch, but Martin knows how to market and shares his experience in the industry with those eager to learn.

He is a masterful entrepreneur. Take a look at the results he has posted over the last four years in his mortgage note business. He speaks to this in his book and is seminar.

He is a skillful teacher. I attended the seminar, and he delivered on his promise to provide me with everything I need to know to get started trading first and second mortgage notes—with forms, vendor contacts, operations plans and marketing strategies. Of course, there is nothing like “doing it” to learn the business, but the fastest way to get the results you want is to find someone who is a master and get them to teach you what they do. Martin will do this for you, and he doesn’t hold back on what he knows. Ask a question, and he will answer it!

Most importantly, Martin is an authentic person who wants to see his friends, colleagues and seminar colleagues do well. He is well connected and respected in the first and second mortgage lien space by his peers—the giants in the industry. Martin Saenz is the real deal.

Jim S.