“I’ve been working with 2nd Chance Funding for over a year now and have been very satisfied with the results, in fact the returns have been higher than expected!  I’m very comfortable adding to the base investment and looking forward to many more transactions”

Joel B - Note Investor


2CF is your turnkey solution for owning your own portfolio of Mortgage Notes.


WHAT WE DO FOR YOU, the investor:

1) Sourcing:         We have an established network of sellers whereby we can buy notes at any level

2) Due Diligence: We vet numerous notes and perform THREE ROUNDS of due diligence and to drill down to the buying opportunity level.

3) Projected ROI: Based on the results of due diligence, we provide a projected ROI showing the purchase price, expenses, and expected return given the particular exit strategy sought.

4) Get YOU the buyer to the closing table: 2CF has closed numerous note transactions and has a stellar reputation in the industry.  You benefit from this when it comes to getting your note deal closed.

5) Full Work-Out service: We handle all the borrower outreach, legal correspondence, loan servicing set up, on-going profit and loss recording, and database management on each note.

6) Quarterly reporting: We provide quarterly reporting on all note portfolios and ongoing updating as note work outs materialize. 


OUR COST is simple:

1) SOURCING & DUE DILIGENCE: With a minimum purchase requirement of 50k from you the investor directly to the note seller, there is a $1,500 per note fee that 2CF charges at closing.  This fee is paid to source the notes, purchase due diligence documents, vet the notes and weed out bad ones, roll up data into a 2 year projected ROI, and review all the collateral prior to purchase.

2) WORK OUT & REPORTING: From this point, 2CF uses its system to convert the non-performing notes into a cash flowing asset.  Upon execution of payment(s) received from the note, the investor (i.e. YOU) is due 75% of all money received and 2CF is due for 25% of all money received within the first 12 months.  During the 12 months, 2CF performs all the necessary maintenance to ensure cash flow sustainability is achieved.  Beyond 12 months, 100% goes to the investor and 2CF breaks off from service.


REMEMBER....you are encouraged to attend one of our 2-Day Workshops prior to investing using the services of 2nd Chance Funding as we refund your workshop fee upon transacting with our company.  The information and resources you get will be extremely beneficial to your success with note investing.  Additionally, we adhere to the The HONESTY POLICY which states there is NO UP SELLING at the workshopYou get everything you need to start buying notes the next day!