mortgage Note Investing Made Easier in person Workshop...

Conducted by Amazon 'Best Selling' Author, Martin Saenz

Come join us for a 2-Day workshop on Distressed Mortgage Note Investing and learn how to create 30-year streams of passive income.

Receive the following training bundle:

  • Learn where and how to buy notes wholesale
  • Learn all the techniques to perform solid due diligence and make your money when you buy
  • Learn how to do borrower workouts and manage your portfolio
  • 'Hands on' learning with real documents and live case scenarios.  Most folks bring their laptops as we get your computers set up to start note investing next day.

Included in the workshop:

  • Audio/Visual Library for case studies ($500 value)
  • Comprehensive Forms library ($10,000 value)
  • Excel ROI spreadsheet ($500 value)
  • Vendor Resource list ($2,000 value)
  • Autographed Book

    $1995 Price (bring a 2nd person for 50% off) - Note this is for an in person workshop only.

The HONESTY POLICY: There is NO UP SELLING at this event.  You get everything you need to start buying notes the next day!


What attendees have said:

The workshop was great. You provided a lot of great information that helped to fill in a lot of the blanks. Now it is time for me to stop doubting myself and move forward with all I have learned.

I plan on getting all my accounts setup this week.  I appreciate the time you took to put all of this together and the time you spent with us.

     - Ed from Washington DC

Enjoyed the training.  I look forward to applying what I have learned.

     - Annoymous from Washington DC

Martin promised to lift the hood and show me everything about how he runs his business and he delivered.  I left with everything I need to get started in the business -- including forms and vendor lists, apps, and websites.  No upselling.  It was a home run in terms of seminars.

    - Jim from Louisiana

I really enjoyed the training.  I appreciate the approach in regards to discussing the mechanics of how everything works.

   - Shawn from Colorado



   2017 workshop schedule: 

Online dedicated workshop - inquire at

9/29 & 9/30 - Washington DC

10/5 & 10/6 - Jersey City, NJ