Martin's workshop has made a significant difference to my business. He took me from 0 to 60 in a couple of days.  And now I am ready and have all the tools I need to succeed.  He is also  pleasure to work with.  He's sincere, honest and he knows his stuff.  

Seraj S.


Martin Saenz manages approximately 20 notes for me.  He goes out of his way to maximize my value from helping with selection, to assisting with Mortgage Refinances, to assisting with Deed in Lieu and even assisting with house take backs and flips.  I have known Martin and have done business at various levels with him for over 10 years and cannot praise him enough for his dedication, honesty, and integrity.  I think so much of him that I am writing this testimonial on 4/9/16 and I am a CPA in the full thrust of tax season.  I am very glad that I met Martin and will continue to do future dealings with him.

 Jason S.


Case Study from Shawn Muneio of New Day Funding.  He recently took the NIME Workshop!

Shawn Muneio from New Day Funding tells the story of how he recently hit a grand slam.


These Case Study examples are real and current.  We source these notes from our established relationships, work them out 24/7, and they bring us cash flow 24/7. The below case studies are just a few notes we have worked out within our portfolio.  If you want to learn how to do this for yourself, the first step is to sign up for our workshop. 

Mt. Pleasant.JPG

Again....we want to teach you how to fish versus many other entities that wish to leverage your passive dollar. 

We offer ongoing 2-Day workshops both public and private.  The online workshop option is a dedicated one-on-one workshop with the author, Martin Saenz, whereby you get the mile long list of what to do in order to be a successful note investor.  We focus on buying wholesale, due diligence, borrower workouts, and portfolio management.  Additionally, all students receive all the major forms they need to begin investing ($10,000 value).  Many students have made solid buys within their first month of taking the workshop.