How To Build Passive Wealth through Notes & Seller Financing

How To Build Passive Wealth through Notes & Seller Financing


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How To Build Passive Wealth through Notes & Seller Financing

I am absolutely thrilled to have Mr. Martin Saenz and Mr. Dan Zitofsky, a very successful and well known team of Note and Seller Financing experts from the east coast present to our group. Martin was one of our most popular presenters earlier this year and this time around we get both Martin and Dan. Two real estate superstars for the price of one!!

Dan Zitofsky has been real estate investing since 1990 and has closed over $600 Million Dollars with over 2,000 real estate & mortgage transactions. He discusses his business model of raising capital to acquire notes and real estate and converting them to passive wealth in his #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, “Passive to Prosperous”. Dan will dive into this very creative and lucrative strategy for owning real estate without dealing with tenants. “Power of Paper”

Martin Saenz has been investing in real estate since 2009 mainly self-funding commercial and residential properties within the Washington DC area. In 2013, Martin began purchasing non-performing notes across the country. Since then, he has built a stream of passive income that will support his family of 6 for many years to come. In 2017, he wrote “Note Investing Made Easier” and in September of 2018 he released, “Real Estate Note Investing Mentorship.” Both are #1 Amazon Best Selling books. “Power of Paper”.

Join us as we host both Dan and Martin to present to the Moguls on everything you need know in order raise capital, acquire the right notes & real estate properties, and build passive wealth for you and your family in today’s economy.
In addition we will have an opportunity to network and share are our Have’s and Want’s.

Dec 10: 6:30-8pm: 2121 S. El Camino Real, #400, San Mateo
Dec 11: 6:30-8pm: 425 Market Street, #900, San Francisco
Dec 12: 6:30-8pm: 39650 Liberty St, #200, Fremont, CA 94538
6:00 to 6:30 PM: Networking and Dinner (Please RSVP so that we know how much food to order)
6:30 to 8:00 PM: Presentation by Martin Saenz and Dan Zitofsky
8:00 to 8:30 PM: Q&A
Dinner will be provided if you RSVP here:

If you are serious about learning about the power of paper, then block these two days on your calendar. If you have heard about investing in real estate without becoming a “landlord”, rehabber, flipper, wholesaler, etc., then this will be a real eye opener for you.

Dec 14: 9AM-4PM: 2121 S. El Camino Real, #400, San Mateo
Dec 15: 9AM-4PM: 2121 S. El Camino Real, #400, San Mateo
Link to register to the bootcamp is here:

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