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Martin Saenz holds a Master of Business Administration from Drexel University, and a Master of Science in Project Management for George Washington University.

In 2004 he was fired from a corporate job he hated and, along with his wife Ruth, founded a government contracting company in the basement of their home.

Over the next ten years, as they were building a multi-million dollar federal contracting company, Martin and Ruth began using their profits to purchase residential and commercial rental properties in the Washington, DC area.

In 2013, Martin invested in a live, two-day workshop on note investing and immediately began applying what he learned to his own investment portfolio.

On May 1, 2017 Martin's first book, Note Investing Made Easier, debuted at #1 on Amazon. Since that time he has been traveling the country sharing his method of profitably turning non-performing notes into 30-year income streams.

His quarterly, live two-day workshops command $2,000 ticket prices for those lucky enough to get one of ten seats in the room. Others would like to attend cannot find the time in their calendar or afford the costs of travel and accommodations.

This is why Martin created this online course. So that anyone, anywhere in the world could have access to this life-altering information at a price they can afford, and at the time and place of their choosing.

Martin Saenz, his wife Ruth and their four children reside in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington, DC.

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What some readers that have reached out to our company have said:

I read your book and as I expected it was a good read. Great overview of the business with a few good examples of how things happen on the ground. 

Good job. If your classes have that same kind of dedication and thought given to them as you gave your book I'm sure people feel they get more than what they paid for. 

Gene C.


You've written the best book I've read so far regarding mortgage notes and I've read everyone I could get my hands on, so thank you for that. I'll absolutely leave a positive review on Amazon, it's well deserved. 

Lincoln L.


I just finished reading you book about distressed note investing. I found it very helpful.

Cesar D.


I just read most of your book and really enjoyed it.   Nice job… very real, practical and positive. 

Thomas D.


Just read your book. Loved it. I buy performing 2nds for the west coast states. Just bought 3 loans thru fci exchange.

Rick S.



Note Investing Training.jpg

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