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Martin Saenz, Principal

Martin has an MBA from Drexel University and MS in Project Management from George Washington University.  He formed a very successful Museum Exhibit company in 2006 that provided services to the Federal Government, which he sold in 2013.  His real estate investment portfolio spans residential and commercial properties in the DC metro area, and includes a rapidly-growing portfolio of mortgage notes across the U.S.



My Story ---

My winding path to entrepreneurism and starting 2nd Chance Funding started early – at the ripe old age of 5 I was selling cleaned-up rocks to my neighbors. I loved the independence that having money brings, so I got a job at 13 and worked some job or other all the way through high school.

After I graduated college with my undergraduate degree, I got a job as a mortgage officer, where I was the second highest producer out of 700 peers. I loved making money and making deals but hated the corporate environment.

So I enrolled in the Drexel University MBA program. But instead of starting my own business, I ended up managing a call center for a large retailer. I hated every minute of every day. I ended up getting fired from that job after three years because of my inability, or unwillingness, to “play the game.”

That ended up being my blessing in disguise. By then I was married to my brilliant and lovely wife, Ruth, and after we lost the call center income, we decided to start a museum exhibit and signage company. With our earnings we started buying rental properties in the Washington DC metro area, which is how I discovered mortgage note investing.

I’m thankful that mortgage note investing was brought to my attention. I’ve found the perfect outlet for my independent, entrepreneurial self. It’s allowed my wife and I to raise a beautiful family with three children and one on the way. It’s enabled Ruth to be a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. Serving God, building a future for my family – this is my “why.”

- Martin Saenz